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Ryan Monahan
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Hi guys, 

I have a soft maple that was growing underneath a large tree, in a flower bed.  When I moved in May, I stuck it in a pot and brought it along.  Its about 3 ft tall and has great foliar growth.  The biggest issue is, the trunk is very long before it divides in a perfect V and goes up to the leaves.  

I'm wondering, if I trunk chop this later this year or next spring, do you think it will survive? it has a nice trunk already about 3/4" maybe 1" thick.  I want it to be a very small bonsai one day, standing only about 12" high.

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Site Owner
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Hello Ryan M.,

If I were you I would chop just above the lowest foliage. This should encourage more growth to sprout down low. I would do this next spring just before bud break.

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